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Each year, over fifty thousand American law enforcement officers will sustain injuries from assault and job accidents ranging from minor to catastrophic. Most Americans assume that in the event of sustaining on-duty injuries, law enforcement agencies and the local, county, and state governments that employ them would be responsible for taking care of them, financially, medically, and psychologically as these injuries are incurred while serving the people, they swore to protect.

Where It All Began

Injured officers often lose a major portion of their salaries during their healing process (if the injuries are only temporarily disabling) and lose the ability to earn enough to feed their families. That is why The Wounded Blue exists to correct this injustice by fighting for our injured law officers.




Provide emotional support through free Peer Advocate Support to officers

We provide lifesaving help, 24 hours a day to to officers injured or disabled in the line of duty.


Help injured officers receive the emergency assistance

Officers deserve assistance and benefits after a life-altering injury that can lead to PTSD and even suicide.


Advocate for legislative changes

Legislative changes to the Workman’s Compensation system, ensure that officers are cared for in the wake of serious injury.


CODE-4 Total Wellness including CAPERTM

Program to assist officers and their families with the unique stresses faced by all the men and women in blue.

Show Injured Veteran Officers They Are:

Never Forgotten. Never alone.