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4 Ill. sheriffs sue state attorney general over ICE enforcement.

MCHENRY COUNTY, Ill. — The act prohibits local law enforcement from detaining people without a warrant from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency that handles deportation of immigrants who are in the country illegally. The state law also prohibits local officials from inquiring about a person’s immigration status.

Arizona whistleblower found dead. Police say she did it, but the investigation is on a “need to know” basis.

GOODYEAR, AZ – One of the correctional officers that blew the lid off of the malfunctioning doors at Arizona State Prison Complex Lewis was found dead on Sunday, March 10th. Police are currently treating the case as a suicide, according to reports.

Medically retired officer finds new purpose with emotional support dog.

A retired police officer received a special gift from his brothers in blue in Las Vegas – an emotional support companion to help him find his new purpose in life.  Aaron Terrill flew in from Michigan where he was an officer for 18 years. Now, Terrill has cognitive issues and can’t work due to an on-duty brain injury.

LAPD Celebrates First Korean American Promoted To Deputy Chief.

The Los Angeles Police Department is celebrating a historic first.  Dominic Choi has become the first Korean American promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief, the LAPD announced Saturday.

Police leaders say new Ill. law has led to less officer training.

A state-wide measure to reduce or waive court fees has cost departments millions of dollars needed for classes, training.

Action vs. reaction: The shoot-first fallacy.

“The officer should have waited until he actually saw the suspect’s gun. If the suspect tried to shoot him, he could have shot first.”

Police Union Declares ‘War’ On Mayor.

New York, NY – The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (SBA) has declared “war” on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio after a gunman attempted to murder multiple officers in two separate attacks over the weekend.

Gunman Vows To Shoot More Police Officers.

Bronx, NY – The gunman accused of shooting two New York police officers in separate assassination attempts has vowed to shoot more law enforcement officers once he is released from custody, prosecutors said.

Three things to consider
before you raise a Blue Line flag

PoliceOne.com – Departments and officers should factor in citizen concerns, the U.S. Flag Code and the First Amendment in their decision.

Woman tries to have officer’s guns seized under “red flag” laws.

Larimer County, Colorado – Every once in a while, the stars all align and police get a small win… This week in Larimer County, Colorado, we got that win.

Traffic stop leads to largest meth bust in Arizona history.

ST. GEORGE On Friday, an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper recovered more than 360 pounds of methamphetamine during a traffic stop…

US counterterrorism officials warn police about ambush attacks.

Los Angeles – (CNN) – Federal counterterrorism officials are warning police departments across the country to maintain a heightened state of awareness for the potential for ambush-style attacks against officers.

Officer Katie Thyne killed in the line of duty after being dragged by vehicle.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Speaking through tears, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew identified the officer who died in the line of duty Thursday night as Officer Katie Thyne, WAVY reported.

Study shows Police officer suicide rate more than doubles in 2019.

AUSTIN, Texas – The number of police officers who died by suicide in 2019 was more than double the number killed in the line of duty, according to a study — and one organization is aiming to change the startling statistic with a broader peer networking program.

2 Honolulu police officers shot and killed after responding to help call.

Honolulu, HI (CNN) – Two Honolulu police officers were shot and killed when they responded to a call for help Sunday in Waikiki.  Following the shooting, a fire broke out at the home the officers had been called to. Three people, including the suspect, remain unaccounted for in the fire.

AOC fights against hiring subway cops as violence erupts on city trains.

Posted by Ashley McMann | Law Enforcement Today – What better way for New Yorker’s to ring in the New Year than a good old-fashioned NYC subway brawl, right?  However, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there’s no issues on the subway trains, and no need to hire police officers for the MTA.

Texas Governor Pushes for ‘No Bail For Cop Killers’ law

KXAN | Austin, TX – Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will propose a law where there is “no bail for cop killers.”  The governor’s assertion followed what occurred over the bail for the suspect who ran down Nassau Bay Police Sergeant Kaila Sullivan on Dec. 10, KXAN reported.

They Said He’d Be Too Much to Handle… They Were Wrong.

They said he was too much to handle. That’s all I knew about him. He had lived on an Indian Reservation, was returned to a shelter, and was too much to handle. That is where our story started.

New York State Police testing new vertical light bars.

NEW YORK — The New York State Police has modified the light bars on top of their police cruisers to make emergency vehicles more noticeable.

Retired police lieutenant creates organization for law enforcement officers.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – When Lieutenant Randy Sutton sustained career-ending injuries during his career in the police force, he was met with resistance when seeking medical and psychological care in the aftermath.

Wife of fallen officer finds letter he wrote her before being killed.

Posted by  – Law Enforcement Today – If you are reading this letter, it is because something went horribly wrong…

The Wounded Blue gives
police officers peer support.

 | Retired Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Randy Sutton certainly knows the dangers that come with being a law enforcement officer…

What You Don’t Know About Being Injured Could Leave You Homeless.

Cop Gumbo with Val Van Brocklin – Like most of the public, I assumed officers injured in the line of duty were taken care of. Maybe you assume that, too. Not so, as Randy Sutton, a 34-year police veteran, learned.

Scott Israel Files Federal Lawsuit After Being Fired for Being Terrible.

Posted Via: Law Enforcement Today – Disgraced ex-Broward County Florida Sheriff Scott Israel who was removed from his position after the Parkland high school shooting in February of 2018 is now suing over his removal from office.

The Wounded Blue: Never Forgotten, Never Alone

Posted by: Joel E. Gordon – “It would be hard to believe that anyone reading this would not be familiar with Randy Sutton. Lt. Randy Sutton (ret.) was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey.”

The Wounded Blue Documentary.

Crawford Coates – “My foremost goal as a filmmaker is to continue to tell impactful stories that shed a positive light on the law enforcement community,”

Wife of Injured Police Officer Takes Fight To Nation’s Capital.

Posted by: Julie Koerber – The silvery scars that run up and down Ladd Paulson’s legs serve as a faint reminder of the not one but two near-fatal motorcycle crashes he suffered while on the job as a Billings police officer.

Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Aid Officers Disabled in Line of Duty.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate today unanimously passed legislation authored by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) to improve access to assistance for first responders permanently disabled in the line of duty.

New legislation is a huge win for disabled emergency responders.

Posted by: LET Staff – On Thursday, the U.S. Senate unanimously voted to pass new laws that would improve access to assistance for emergency responders that were personally injured in the line of duty.

Group: DOJ officer benefits program plagued with delays, dysfunction

WASHINGTON — A national law enforcement group that supports disabled and injured officers is blasting the Department of Justice, claiming its public safety officers’ benefits program continues to fall short.

Families of seriously-injured police officers say
healthcare systems are failing them

By Greg Norman | Fox News – Police officers across the nation put their lives on the line every day to protect Americans, but, when it comes time to repay that debt, families and advocates say the system in place leaves them “left out to dry.”

Police and corrections officers face damaging
delays in workers’ comp claims

KTNV | Chief Investigative Reporter, Darcy Spears – Police and corrections officers take an oath to serve and protect. You’d expect when they’re injured on duty, they’re taken care of.