The Citizen’s Award for Valor

The Wounded Blue recognizes the vital role that civilian support for law enforcement plays in helping
them fulfill their mission to protect and serve our society. We have created the Citizen’s Award for
Valor to recognize those who go above and beyond. This award is presented to an individual who has
demonstrated selfless courage while acting in physical defense of a law enforcement officer who is in
danger of injury while performing their duty.

The Citizen’s Award for Valor is presented by The Wounded Blue to a person whose actions have been
reviewed and determined to have met these criteria:

  • The individual is not a member of any law enforcement agency or a first responder
  • The individual took action that placed them at risk of danger or injury
  • The individual took that action in response to seeing a law enforcement officer or first responder in danger
  • The individual demonstrated courage in responding when it was not required

The Citizen’s Award for Valor is a beautiful plaque inscribed with a brief description of the event which
led to it being awarded. The award will normally be presented to the recipient by officials of The
Wounded Blue, or if it is being awarded posthumously, to a spouse, close relative, or someone else
designated by the family to receive it.

Nominations for the Citizen’s Award for Valor can be made in writing or on the website of The
Wounded Blue. Once a nomination has been received, it will be reviewed to determine if the award is
appropriate for the action. This process allows us to ensure that the courage and actions of the men and
women who support our law enforcement officers are remembered and honored and held us as an
example for others to emulate.