Severe Injury Response Initiative

When a Law Enforcement Officer is severely injured in the line of duty, the affect on the officer and their family can be devastating. It is impossible to prepare emotionally, psychologically and financially for such an event. In 2022, The Wounded Blue began the “Severe Injury Response Initiative”.
This incredible program consists of, upon notification through news media or other sources of an officer being severely injured in a shooting , traffic collision or other manner, a member of The Wounded Blue will within days, make contact with the officer’s family and travel to officers’ proximity and give $1000 to the officer or his/her significant other to assist with unforeseen costs such as babysitting, hotel rooms for the family while the officer is in the hospital or other costs.
Peer Support to the family and the officer will be offered and the agency will also be made aware of the services of The Wounded Blue, including the offer to utilize The Wounded Blue Hospitality House. The significance of this program cannot be overstated.

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