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The Wounded Blue


Each year, over fifty thousand American law enforcement officers will sustain injuries from assault and on the job accidents ranging from minor to catastrophic. Most Americans assume that in the event of sustaining on-duty injuries, law enforcement agencies and the local, county, and state governments which employ them would be responsible for taking care of them, financially, medically, and psychologically as these injuries are incurred while serving the people they swore to protect.

Officers who are injured, often lose a major portion of their salaries during their healing process (if the injuries are only temporarily disabling) and also lose the ability to earn enough to feed their families. That is why The Wounded Blue exists to correct this injustice by fighting for our injured law officers.


The Wounded Blue's Mission is to improve the lives of injured and disabled Law Enforcement Officers through Support, Education, Assistance and Legislation


A National Peer Advocate Support Team to provide The Wounded Blue with support, guidance and resources. Provide information and help complete the application process for the Public Safety Officer Benefit for disabled officers. Create “Camp Blue,” a retreat for injured and disabled officers for peer support and their families for peer support and counseling.


Create and provide training presentations on The Wounded Blue issues of PTSD, abandonment, emotional/mental health and compassionate care to Law Enforcement Leadership and Rank/File Officers. Utilize International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriffs’ Association, State Chiefs and Sheriffs’ Associations, Fraternal Order of Police, Police Benevolent Association, Unions and Law Enforcement Organizations. Provide PTSD prevention training to Active Duty Officers.


Provide emergency financial aid, mental/emotional health treatment referrals, legal assistance referrals, membership benefits of medical/dental discounts, access to private anonymous mental health treatment.


Advocate for stronger laws and protections for injured Law Enforcement Officers and universal recognition of PTSD as a Workers’ Compensation Injury. Work for Workers’ Compensation reform and expansion of the Department of Justice Public Officer Safety Benefit program.