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Never Forgotten
Never Alone

The National Assistance and Support Organization for Disabled and Injured Police Officers

the wounded blue

The Wounded Blue Documentary

“The Wounded Blue”, a film which tells the powerful stories of six Police Officers who inspired the creation of Lieutenant Randy Sutton’s, The Wounded Blue Foundation. The story explores several critical and important issues facing law enforcement professionals today including PTSD, Police Suicide, and the financial ruin a Police Officer can incur after suffering a career ending injury in the line of duty.

Solutions are also put forth, as the film examines the importance of peer counseling, as well as the need for several legislative changes within a system that is clearly broken.

The Wounded Blue Documentary is now available for sale or rent.

Proceeds go to support The Wounded Blue.





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Our Mission: Helping injured law enforcement

The Wounded Blue, the national assistance and support organization for injured and disabled law enforcement officers, provides resources for officers that have experienced physical and emotional injuries on duty. Our mission is to improve the lives of injured and disabled officers through support programs that build unity, resiliency and wellness within the law enforcement community.

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Situational Awareness

Each year, nearly 50,000 members of law enforcement are physical assaulted while on the duty. As a result, thousands of officers suffer injuries ranging from minor to debilitating and life altering. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often a consequence of these attacks. PTSD, commonly referred to as the silent injury, can be as deadly as a bullet.

While officers are provided mental health resources through their department, they often aren’t utilized, for fear of stigmatization, retribution, or reprisal and concerns about confidentiality.    Law enforcement administration’s reaction to an officer’s emotional or physical injury can have a dramatic effect on the onset of PSTD or the healing from the physical ailment.

The Wounded Blue Foundation Helping Injured & Disabled Law Enforcement

The feeling of abandonment experienced by injured officers can amplify the symptoms of PTSD and create division within departments.

The Wounded Blue is committed to uniting the law enforcement community by offering peer support and mental health resources to officers in need, as well as educating law enforcement administration on the impact of PTSD and officer wellness.

We are actively working to create the first law enforcement training center specifically centered around PTSI education, support and awareness.

The Wounded Blue Foundation Helping Injured & Disabled Law Enforcement

Who Are the Wounded Blue?

In 2016 approximately 57,000 Law Enforcement Officers were assaulted in the line of duty and almost 30,000 lost time from work because of Line of Duty injuries. While the severity of these injuries ranged from complaints of pain to permanent disabling injuries many required medical attention. In addition to the visible injuries, emotional and psychological trauma also affected an untold number of Law Enforcement Officers, some of that leading to Post Traumatic Stress Injury.

If you required medical treatment or counseling (or if you believe you NEED counseling), YOU are THE WOUNDED BLUE.

To be sure, being The Wounded Blue does not mean you need the services that THE WOUNDED BLUE offers or will be offering in the future. Many Law Enforcement agencies have adequate health plans and workers compensation administrations that address the needs of those who serve and require care and also have Employee Assistance Programs or Peer Support organizations that do excellent work.

Unfortunately, many agencies fall woefully short of providing the care and support so desperately needed when a traumatic physical or emotional injury occurs. They may fail to pay the medical bills, approve needed treatment or surgeries and they may reduce pay and fail to even recognize that Post Traumatic Stress Injury is very real and can be debilitating.

That is why THE WOUNDED BLUE was created; to help injured law enforcement, build and administer an Emergency Financial Aid Fund, create a system of effective and caring Peer Support, be a resource for competent and effective legal council and advocate for stronger laws and protection for the American Law Enforcement Officer.

How We Help Injured Law Enforcement

The only thing worse than being traumatically injured in the line of duty is feeling alone, abandoned, helpless and forgotten because of it. That is why The Wounded Blue was created. To stand with those who have sacrificed so much for the communities they serve and do everything in our power to help negotiate the road ahead.

We at The Wounded Blue believe that most Americans support their Law Enforcement want to be a catalyst to channel that support into creating better lives for those who have been injured or disabled. Our motto sums it up best. NEVER FORGOTTEN-NEVER ALONE.

Emergency financial assistance for injured law enforcement

Legal assistance to help officers obtain workers compensation and medical benefits

Resources and assistance in dealing with post traumatic stress injury and substance abuse

Public advocacy in strengthening laws protecting injured / disabled LEOs


PEER SUPPORT: Getting injured in the line of duty is difficult enough just dealing with the pain of the injury. When you add financial stress, family issues, dealing with the unending bureaucracy of insurance and workers comp, it can be overwhelming. Having someone to talk to that’s “been there” is more than comforting, it’s essential to getting through the ordeal.

THE WOUNDED BLUE has a group of professionally trained volunteers that have experienced similar traumas and can provide insight, encouragement, advice or sometimes just be a sounding board, not just for the officers who have been injured but also for their families.

Every communication with THE WOUNDED BLUE is confidential and if we can’t help, we will try to find someone who CAN. Everyone’s situation is unique but our Peer Support Officers have the real world experience, resources and most importantly, the desire to help.

Media Citations

Just wanted to say a quick, but giant thank you to The Wounded Blue. I laterally transferred departments from a city PD to a county Sheriff’s office about 6 months ago. I was issued all the standard equipment: car, rifle, shotgun, vest, everything you’d think. City PD doesn’t give you all this stuff with a personal take home car. It was Christmas. The only thing I didn’t have was a plate carrier for active shooter/serious oh sh*t situations.

I made a post on social media asking friends and fellow LEO’s for recommendations. Within hours, The Wounded Blue reached out to me personally and I was able to get this necessary gear. Randy Sutton and Eddie Richardson are absolutely phenomenal and their #1 priority is LEO’s and their families. Thanks again.

A Deputy in Iowa

This message is in reference to the recent call out to Fort Bend County. I was close friends to the Officer who committed suicide last week. I was struggling and was wondering into a dark place during the aftermath. I felt helpless and did not like where my emotions were taking me. I was talked into sitting down with Eddie and Trevor. I was hesitant at first but quickly found comfort being around them. I walked away from that meeting feeling refreshed and heard. It was nice to know I was not alone in this and others are there willing to help. They were like my own personal Clearances, my guardian angles who came out of nowhere and saved me from falling into a dark place. I still have a long road to recovery but I was given a good foundation to work on.



I am forever grateful for the help and support that Randy Sutton and your organization provided to us regarding the suicide of a former deputy and, close friend of many at the S.O. and the community, Charlie Scott. Even though Charlie was now working at another agency, his death struck at the heart of our team as we had helped him recover from a near fatal shooting 9 years ago while he work at our agency. I especially want kudos to go to Eddie Richardson, Trevor Wilkins and Anna Carrizales. They got us through one of the most difficult critical incidents of our careers. Anna, especially as she knew Charlie well.  Eddie and Amanda held me up when my knees were wanting to buckle at the funeral reception.  Such love, caring and wisdom from them all.


This group is founded by caring LEO’s who have experienced the same things officers across the country have. They have been there, done that. They have training and a huge heart, even bigger shoulders. Support is confidential and truly caring.

Helen Griffiths Murray

“Call them. They’re there to help and they’ve been where you are.”


“I needed more than the peer support to help myself. They (The Wounded Blue) were able to get me with a counselor to help…”


…I was struggling horribly. You can’t imagine what a relief it was to talk to someone that knew where I was and wouldn’t judge me.