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How We Help

Never Forgotten.
Never Alone.

The Wounded Blue wants to break the stigma by making it easier for injured officers to seek and get the proper assistance they need. Knowing that there is someone on the other end of the phone line who wants to help, can mean a world of difference. 

Highly Trained
Peer Team

The Wounded Blue's Peer Team have all been highly trained to hear you and your story, but to also to recognize the proper resources that will help you the most.

reliable foundation for first line support

Listening to your story and understanding the daily life of an officer and what they go through daily, makes it that much easier for our team to talk to you and your family about the incidents that have lead you here.

Never Forgotten,
Never Alone

Don't ever feel like you're forgotten nor alone! The Wounded Blue has incredible events and groups to be apart of.
We are in this together.


Optional Behavioral
health support

Having someone there to understand how you feel and not judge you is monumental. The Wounded Blue Peer Team helps to set up the proper behavioral health support from the comfort of your own home.  No Stigma. 

Completely Confidential

We are standing by, on call, 24/7, 365 days per year to help injured officers and their families cope with the pain they’re experiencing. 

Whatever you tell us remains completely confidential. 


The Wounded Blue Testimonials

Read about how the Wounded Blue has helped fellow officers and their families get the help they need.  

“The Wounded Blue reached out to my family and me when we needed them the most.  I lost my 21-year law enforcement career due to COVID-19, and I am now permanently disabled and terminally ill.
The Wounded Blue gave my family and me much needed support during this extremely traumatic time in our lives.  The Peer Support has truly changed our lives for the better.  The Wounded Blue has made sure we know we are now The Wounded Blue Family.  Thank you, Wounded Blue, for all you do for us.”
- The Wounded Ones
“Since I was shot in 2016, I’ve struggled with PTSD and its related symptoms.  Yesterday, I learned the insurance provided with my disability retirement would no longer provide services to my living out of state.
Within on hour of sharing Jennie Hill from The Wounded Blue reached out to me reference their Code-4 Total Wellness Program.
Within 24 hours, I was signed up and had access to licensed therapists specializing in mental health issues as well as access to Telehealth doctors to potentially help with the medication issues.  
More proof we do not have to suffer alone my brothers and sisters.  Help is available!  Between the purpose and meaning offered to me by Operation Enduring Warrior’s and the Mental health services provided by The Wounded Blue, there is no way I can fail!”
- Officer Jeremy Scharlow - Ret.

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September 26 - 29, 2024

The 4th Annual National Law Enforcement Survival Summit
Featuring Keynote Speaker Travis Howze

Guest Speakers Include:

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